Emotional Venue

contemporary signed furniture

EVE - Emotional Venue  is a Portuguese brand of contemporary and signature furniture to fit your exclusive lifestyle. Our pieces are manually produced by specialized craftsmen in small-scale workshops according to traditional Portuguese methods and only by order.

In an Era where differentiation is fundamental, EVE  offers the perfect combination between creative innovation and tradicional techniques. All Made in Portugal!

EVE  favours design exclusivity, detail awareness and quality of the final product. This is why all pieces EVE  possess a serial number, author identification, a certificate of authenticity and an exclusive engraved logo in silver and gold of 19K. EVE  wants you to feel special.

Belonging to EVE's  universe is having the guarantee that your piece is unique, thought to the detail and create according to your needs and desires. Designed and executed with the outmost care, EVE's  purpose is to create strong emotions that reflect your identity.

Enter an emotional world and transform your home into an emotional venue  with EVE.



... in the presence of a unique!

Your EVE  object is important to us. So we have a space in the Private Area where you can register it, protecting it from copy and counterfeiting.

Only original parts EVE  may be registered in our database. So when purchasing a piece you should make sure that this will accompanied by a closed and sealed envelope with the stamps of EVE  containing the "Registry key".

The "Registry key" is the single and specific code for each piece that opens the doors of yours EVE  universe.

Protect your investment by registering your piece in  Private Area / Items Registration.